*In  English & Norwegian above & in Dutch below.


Oslo, Norway

This experience blew me away… Its hard work, but the effects on me were remarkable. High current energy streams flushed my body free of emotional baggage stored in the muscle tissue. Then i tranced out, and into a psychedelic dream state, which felt like a really potent place for spiritual insight and astral projections if one can stay awake to it. I was really feeling safe and comfortable in the space with the guidance provided by Paolo, so i fell asleep pretty exhausted from all the breathing, waking up a few minutes later, clear and fresh as never before.

I totally recommend this technique for everybody. Paolo is a very experienced, loving and kind person ,a perfect guide through a rebirthing…



Oxford, England

I met Paolo at a Leonard Orr rebirthing training. He was delving deeper into his journey and I was assisting the training, as an experienced rebirther.
About half way through we had a day where we swapped sessions. Having chatted with him on the other days I’d found out he was already quiet adept at other spiritual practices and he had a very calm, loving, welcoming energy so I was quite intrigued at how this swap might go. Often I don’t get such great sessions with those still learning the process. This was quite different!

I had a warm water session and Paolo gently and expertly guided my as I breathed myself into a very deep space. I became increasingly uncomfortable, Paolo reassured me. I then began to physically relive my birth, twisting and turning and slowly emerging from the soft warm bath onto the cold hard floor.  Paolo was effectively my birthing professional. Yet he was different to the medical staff at my actual birth. He received me with kindness, gratitude and love and made me feel welcome. Thus I was able to not only relive and go through the difficulties of my birth but i was able to reprogram it full of love and joy. Since this a lot of my birth trauma and feeling unwelcome and that the world is dangerous has gone!

I would highly recommend Paolo as a Rebirthing Breathworker and wish him the best on his journey.

Much love brother




I laughed, I cried, I was reborn. The rebirthing experience was one of a kind. The release of emotion was like none I’ve ever felt before and Paolo allowed me to feel very comfortable the whole way through. It was such a healing experience. It was a special experience.

Mahalo Paolo for your warmth, positivity, and healing.

Aloha Nui Loa.



Amsterdam, Holland

Thanks Paolo, that was a very good session today. Your introduction and guidance was spot on and felt comfortable. You gave good directions while holding plenty of space. When the session started I started breathing accordingly and felt the energy moving, not too dissimilar with tantric practices… But after some time it got deeper and deeper… At some point my awareness moved away from my body (apparently I stopped breathing) and fell into deep space.

Only when you repeatedly said” “focus on the heart” my awareness slowly resurfaced and started noticing the heart. It felt like molten lava was dissolving the dark spots and leaving the body. This was the big one that needed to pop out! After that you pointed out that there were some blockages left, thank you for your perfectionism, I was already happy with the results so far… So we did remove some more blockages and the feeling got lighter and lighter.

The after care (lying under a blanket) was amazing too. You stayed by my side with full presence and amazing patience. Keep up the good work and I hope many people will find your way. Big hug



Antwerp, Belgium

After another crash, Me dealing with Fibromyalgia and CVS, having to cope with migraine and my body, muscles hurting like crazy in a tremendous peak moment where my head did not function as a result either, I did this “Rebirthing thing”. A session that was planned to be happening in may with Paolo Da Floresta who is a trained Rebirther…

I asked him if it was possible to have the session earlier as I was in a very bad condition and in need for help. I could come for a session pretty immediately ! Thank God ! Got my head, neck and back massaged and a day after we did the Rebirthing.

As a result going true the breathing process I felt tremendous tension releasing what allowed my nervous system going back to a normal and relaxed state !!! After the session the pain was gone, the headache was gone and a better flow of energy true my body again, I felt my feet connected to the earth Big time and a good grounding !!!

AMAZING, Really Amazing after one session ! I am still benefiting from it ! I love it ! Thank you Paolo Da Floresta for taking such good care of me in a time I needed it the most ! Thank you for you respectful caring energy ! My you be showered with Blessings and prosperity as well ! Love and Light


Rotterdam, Holland

Thank you so much Paolo Da Floresta, for the amazing experience this afternoon in het Kralingse bos. First time rebirthing session and it was amazing, I had never felt and touched this pure energy around my body, like an twinkling ocean of love and joy. It was truly amazing to be in paradise for a while !!!




Paolo led me on my first Rebirthing recently, at first i didn’t know what to expect so i was nervous about the whole thing but Paolo was very comforting, friendly, thoughtful and he is a great guide and very friendly so i felt very comfortable in his presence right away and I was able to be free and let alot of problems drift away..

Rebirthing was definitely a magical freeing experience that i would recommend for anyone that need to overcome problems deep inside themselves.. Paolo was an amazing guide for me he was very intuitive about how i was feeling and helped me through it with the utmost comfort..
after the session i felt so much lighter and happier like a hundred pounds had lifted from my body.. and i felt free an very much alive it was a great feeling..

I’d love to do it again in the future thank you Paolo !



Vancouver, Canada

Paolo led me through my first experience with rebirthing which was extremely powerful. Prior to this I had no idea what rebirthing was. Paolo prepared me for my session, made sure I was comfortable, and was a gentle guide on the journey that I embarked on constantly giving me reassurance and helping me to know that I was not alone. I would highly recommend the rebirthing process as well as Paolo as a guide.



Tallinn, Estonia

Thank you Paolo for the amazing Rebirthing experience! This was my first time.
It was really surprising how through natural breathing I was able to create such a strong energy flow, release of old emotions and relax my whole body. The process was a bit like a journey… yes,
with its efforts… letting go of that which I don’t need anymore… and obtaining new beautiful feelings – relaxed, self-healed and also happy. Very interesting.

Cleaned body and cleared mind – can’t undervalue these benefits…
I highly recommend Paolo because he is very knowledgeable and just super in this! 🙂
Many thanks!



Amsterdam, Holland

Paolo is gifted.
I don’t know what he does really. because he totally lets me do it.
And he does that so well.
Thank you Paolo.



Lillestrøm, Norway

Jeg har hatt en rebirthing med Paolo, og det var helt fantastisk! Jeg har ikke ord for alt som skjedde meg under timen… Jeg føler at Paolo ledet meg igjennom en reise i min egen underbevissthet. Han er svært dyktig og intuitiv. Jeg anbefaler han på det varmeste.



Bilthoven, Holland

Gisteren mijn eerste Rebirthing sessie (Rebirthing Amsterdam)
Wow en ik ben er stil van.
In het begin even lastig om niet in een diepe trance te schieten, maar daar hielp Paolo me heel efficient doorheen, waardoor ik ondanks de hoge energie goed aanwezig kon blijven ipv naar andere niveaus te schieten.
Daarna orgastische energie door mijn lichaam…heerlijk, blokkades die eruit gewerkt werden door mijn lijf, en diepe inzichten mbt mijn geboorte en de daaruit voortkomende periodes van depressie en duidelijk zicht op hoe die getriggerd worden. Ook hele duidelijke beelden over de pijn in de rechterkant van mijn buik en gesprek met mijn eierstok over waar de pijn, verdriet en schaamte van mijn lijf sinds mijn zwangerschap zat.

Thank you, Paolo for the amazing session and the wonderful way in which you held space for my body and soul to express itself.

En voor mijn vrienden, ik kan het jullie allemaal aanraden.
Het voelde voor mij alsof me de weg gewezen werd naar een gang met deurtjes die ik voorheen niet kon vinden.


Amsterdam, Holland

Wow, gister heb ik een magische rebirthing sessie bij Paolo Da Floresta gedaan, het werkt nog steeds door…
Ik vond het best spannend aangezien ik alleen een groepssessie jaren geleden bij iemand anders had gedaan. Bij binnenkomst voelde ik me meteen op me gemak. De heldere uitleg over wat rebirthing is en wat ik ongeveer kon verwachten was heel prettig. Hierdoor kon ik me volledig overgeven aan het proces. Door de vrijheid die ik kreeg en nam om te beginnen met mijn eigen ademhalingsritme en mijn stroom van energie te volgen bleef ik goed bij mezelf. De subtiele aanwijzingen en support van Paolo kwamen op precies het juiste moment waardoor ik dieper de ervaring in kon gaan…
Wow wat een energie roept dat in je op zeg. Ik heb nog nooit zo duidelijk gevoeld dat mijn chakra’s geopend en gereinigd werden. Oude (onbewuste) dingen kon ik ervaren en werden door mijn ademhaling en de opgebouwde stroom van energie getransformeerd. Ik was me bewust van de liefdevolle aanwezigheid van Paolo die voor mij krachtig de space hield zodat ik het allemaal kon laten gebeuren. Geen drama, geen poeha, gewoon door blijven ademen en alles laten stromen. Wat een bevrijding! De zachte integratie maakte de magie compleet. Na afloop voelde ik me helemaal vrouw, alsof ik in mijn volle volwassenheid ben gaan staan.
Het mooie was dat ik de hele ochtend had na zitten denken wat nu mijn intentie zou zijn voor deze sessie. Maar er kwam niets. Wat blijkt nu dat je voor rebirthing niet specifiek een rede hoeft te hebben om een sessie te doen, er komt toch wel naar boven wat er op dat moment aan de orde is, wat er gezien en getransformeerd wil worden.
Ik kan je vanuit het diepst van mijn hart aanraden om ook een rebirthing sessie bij Paolo te doen, werkelijk je voelt je als herboren!


Amsterdam, Holland

Prachtige rebirthing sessie gedaan bij Paolo. Wat ik zo mooi vind aan Paolo en de sessie is dat hij geborgenheid creëert waardoor ik er alles kon laten zijn. Hij voelt goed aan hoe hij het proces kan begeleiden. Bedankt.



s’hertogenbosch, Holland

Hi Paolo
Op 3 augustus kreeg ik een sessie van jou. Hoewel ik eerdere ervaring had met Rebirthing ging deze sessie wel heel diep en zal dan ook een herhaling willen afspreken. Er was in mijn lichaam nog zoveel weerstand maar ondanks dat veel inzichten gekregen. Je kwam aan huis en ondanks dat ik jou niet persoonlijk kon voelde het zo vertrouwd. Je betrokkenheid en zachtheid tijdens de sessie voelde heel prettig.

Thanks for everything



Thank you everybody for your kind words and sharing.

If anybody who has had a session would like to be added or removed from this page, please contact me and I will arrange it.



The prices of the sessions:

Individual session (1-on-1) €100

Couple session €85 per person

Mini Group (3 people) €75 per person

Group workshops (4 – 12 persons) message me to arrange, prices vary depending on numbers attending

Warm water Re-birthing session  €120

Skype session  €100

*bookings confirmed by advance payment and agreement of minimum 48 hours notice of cancellation with 50% cancellation fee.


Contact information:

Paolo da floresta

Facebook page: Rebirthing Scandinavia

 Webpage: Rebirthing Scandinavia

Tel: +31 620636650

E’mail: paolodafloresta@gmail.com

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