Iceland & Greenland

Iceland & Greenland

April 2019

Sacred Breath Rebirthing



Sacred Breath Rebirthing – Iceland

I am excited to plan a first visit to Greenland in near future and would appreciate assistance with organising if anyone feels like helping make it happen to bring this beautiful breathwork to the artic circle.


Rebirthing – The Artic Sessions

Iceland & Greenland

If you have interest in a session or forming a group for a workshop please mail me in the meantime;

In this time available for private Rebirthing sessions in the comfort of your own homes. This work is extra effective when combined with sauna or soaking in geothermal waters afterwards to aid the purification using the elements. After having one dry session with me I am happy to give wet sessions in the hot springs, I shall be back in the springtime if anyone has interest in this.

Also it’s possible to arrange small group sessions in your town if somebody would like to arrange with me just contact me and we will figure out the details.

Prices Private Session = 15000 Icelandic Króna
Group session = 6000 Icelandic Króna per person (min. 5, max. 12)

The sessions are on average 2.5 hours duration and can be done in the comfort of your own home, outdoors in nature in good weather or place of your choice.

Message me for info, to book a session or to arrange a small group. Paolo da floresta

More info here:
Rebirthing Scandinavia
Rebirthing Scandinavia facebook

♥ Namaste ♥


♥ Information in Icelandic coming on this page in 2019 ♥

Takk Fyrir

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