Benefits of Rebirthing



The Benefits of the technique

There are many reasons, apart from the birth trauma, to use the Rebirthing technique. We can release all the tension caused by everyday stress, our fears, insecurities, etc. which usually occur in the physical as well as the mental, psychic and spiritual level. This is the reason why Breath-work is considered an integrated technique. The below reasons are a few of the most important ones:

Birth Trauma
This is perhaps one of the main reasons to do Re-birthing


Specific negative beliefs about one’s self
These are negative thoughts we have about our self which, although not real, apply to our everyday life simply because we believe them. For example, the thought “I΄m not good enough” attracts relative situations into our life to support our belief.

Parental disapproval syndrome
These thoughts are associated with our parents΄ disapproval: e.g. “If you don΄t behave I will not love you”. In these cases, what matters is not the parents΄ intentions, but the way we perceive love: “When I am myself I am not loved”. This belief may lead to a false image about one΄s self, which however is appreciated by the parents. Finally, this thought is interpreted as true, and the child later on projects it into his/her relationships, believing that this way he/she will be loved.

Death urge
People are born with an urge towards death. Many times we “flirt” with death in an attempt to abandon our physical body and return to the “Source” from where we came or the Creator – however we may call him. This is not done consciously, in reality though we may acknowledge it according to the circumstances in our life as well as our well – being. When electrical appliances break up, when things collapse around us, when our health is not good, then most likely the unconscious death urge is on.

Past lives
The main reason why such an issue may come up in a session is to be released and stop perpetuating from one life to the next. The purpose is to understand and reevaluate the patterns, which we may be following in this life, or to obtain a better understanding about the people who play a significant role in our life.


Releasing trauma with conscious connected breathing

The breath work process releases the emotional, negative charge out of cell memory. The process causes integration of unresolved emotional, physical, mental and spiritual energies.  The primary result is an experience of clarity at a very core level.  The process empowers a person into choice and out of victim-hood.

By learning to use breathing as a highly transformational tool (conscious connected circular breathing), you will learn how to free your physical and emotional body from energetic blockages resulting from traumatic or suppressed experience. Regular practice will energize you, enhance your well being, your prosperity and support the growth of spiritual awareness.

Breath work is an action that inspires your full potential for joy, aliveness and peace in your life.


Breath work or Rebirthing predominant characteristic is simplicity. Rebirthing starts with lying down, relaxing and breathing. Long and careful attention to the relaxed breath will reveal a many layered pattern of inhibitions and exposes our unconscious patterns of defense against pleasure and aliveness. When these are noticed (no longer unconscious) we can neutralize and integrate these patterns of past-time tension by breathing through them with present awareness of safety. It offers a gentle effective way to reveal the latent pristine state of body and consciousness which we all experienced in the pre-natal time and which was pushed back by the shocks of birth and early relationship. Our relationships can be clear and complete only when we dissolve our resistance to having that ideal condition. Unconscious birth memories bar the way as a closed portal on the path back to bliss. Breath work will help you find the key to unlock that door.

Conscious connected breathing means breathing through the mouth in a circular motion, that is without any pause between the inhale at the top and the exhale at the bottom.

It is clavicular, or upper chest breathing. Holding the breath at the top of the inhale can indicate suppressed fear or anger, unwillingness to let go of something; while holding at the bottom may imply sadness, or being stuck in an unwanted pattern.

Multiple sessions

To get the most of the benefits of Rebirthing especially when working with deep seated traumas, it is recommended to attend a series of private sessions over a long period of time allowing integration time between each session, for example 10 – 20 sessions, which could be taken monthly or every couple of months.


Conscious connected breathing, or Rebirthing as it’s also known, was discovered by Leonard Orr in the early 1970s, apparently in his bathtub! The story goes that as a result of being immersed in hot water his body spontaneously began taking short rapid circular breaths, which in turn triggered birth memories.  Later Leonard spent time with Babaji in his ashram in the Himalayas and studied longevity and spiritual purification techniques with the elements.

I learned Rebirthing directly from Leonard Orr and Fanny Van Laere training with them in Andalusia, Spain in 2012.  I offer dry sessions (indoors & out in nature), warm water sessions (womb-like experience), cold water sessions (confronting your fears) and guided vision quest retreats with breath work.


 The prices of the sessions:

Update:  I no longer hold private sessions, the prices will be announced at each group event.

*bookings confirmed by a non refundable advance payment.

You can check my current location and for the upcoming months where I will be available for giving workshops on my events calendar  Rebirthing events calendar


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