Birth Trauma

What exactly is birth trauma? The birth process is a wonderful transition from the safety of the womb into the earthly realm, what should be a safe and loving environment can be hostile when the safety felt by the presence of the mother and father are interfered with, when there are strangers present, tools and machines, bright lights and a non natural environment. Adding to this any stresses felt by the baby over abandonment, money worries from the parents, relationship troubles and even not wanting the baby are all picked up, which can result in resistance of the baby to be born into this world.


Love, safety and security are the most important things to the newborn, if these needs are not met then there is going to be already trouble in this incarnation. The way we are born greatly influences our lives, how we interpret the world around us, how we react to situations and the relationships we have with people.


Some of the typical traumas at birth are; Premature cutting of umbilical cord, too much light, separation from the mother, father not present at birth, rough handling of newborn, caesarean, delivery by forceps, having the cord tangled around neck, breech, premature birth, incubator, induced birth, medications, long labour, mothers death during childbirth.


Each one can effect the baby in a number of ways that can manifest in adulthood in problems and issues. For example a baby born with umbilical cord around the neck can sometimes have suicidal tendencies and feel cut off from their emotions. One born with a forceps delivery can sometimes have a fear of being touched and create situations where they need to be pulled out by others. Another example is when the birth involved medication, later in life the adult may feel ungrounded and even develop drug and alcohol addictions.


There are natural methods of birth like the lotus birth with trained doulas that can facilitate a much smoother transition into this world, where the newborn can feel safety, security and joy. For those of us who had a traumatic experience there are a number of methods to work on healing those incidents, Rebirthing is one of them, perhaps also soul retrieval work and hypnotherapy.

Through Rebirthing we go on a deep journey using the circular breathing pattern that starts to peel the layers away from our emotional shields, it’s not always easy and may be met with great resistance, we may be faced first with our ego which has had years to be built up, a formidable illusion to see through. The ego will do all it can to distract you from focusing on the connected breathing and therefore getting out of your mind and into your body, feeling the emotions and letting the body then release the blockages through tremors, energetically through the meridians and expressing them with sound.


Whilst one session can help and release a lot of trapped energies, there is only so much you can expect in a 2-3 hour session, like anything in life for it to be most effective it should be practiced. It is recommended for the Rebirthee to take as many sessions as possible with the Rebirther until their symptoms have healed, normally 10 sessions are recommended and after that they can proceed effectively alone at home without guidance. Some will feel that the support of a facilitator creates the safe environment necessary that they feel comfortable enough to let go.

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Perfect vitality is the ground of my being and is manifesting in my physical body.

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