Organise a Rebirthing event

 Group meditating small size

If you would like to make your own personal gathering of friends or colleagues for  “Group workshop” of Rebirthing, my services be hired for a 3 hour workshop, multiple sessions or a weekend.

On such an event you can arrange your own social activities and catering in addition, I would give a group talk about the Rebirthing and after which we would begin the Rebirthing therapuetic journey under the experienced safe guidance of Paolo da Floresta normal duration of this workshop will be on average 3 hours including the talk.


Group sizes can vary from the intimate couples and close friends sessions to a maximum of 9 people in a suitable sized space.  I always keep my numbers small and cosy to hold the space effectively.


I also welcome frequent workshops with the same groups every 2 – 3 months as a way for people to get the most from this therapy by attending on a semi-regular basis, it has been well noted the benefits of regular breathwork sessions in a safe experienced environment, if you have a calling to arrange this with me I will be most happy to make arrangements for this within my travel schedule.


For group sessions, it is requested that each person brings along a yoga mat, warm comfortable loose fitting clothes, at least one blanket and a water bottle.  If there are blankets and mattresses at the venue then this of course will not be necessary.


 The prices of the sessions:

Update:  I no longer hold private sessions, the prices will be announced at each group event.

*bookings confirmed by a non refundable advance payment.

Rebirthing Scandinavia

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One thought on “Organise a Rebirthing event

  1. Hi Paolo, I’ve been reading about your Re-birthing sessions and they sound amazing. You are friends with us on Facebook. Siobhan and I run The Wellness Centre in Limavady which is in the North West of Ireland. We were wondering if you would be in Ireland this year and the prospect of possibly running sessions from here, even over a weekend.

    Liz xx

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