Preparation & booking a Rebirthing




Prior to the Rebirthing sessions it is advisable to get adequate rest the night before, consume no cannabis or other recreational drugs within a week prior to the sessions and treat the session as you would a sacred ritual or other healing therapy.  Give yourself enough space and quiet time both before and after the session and not to go rushing immediately off to your next appointment.
Following these guidelines you are much more likely to have a deeper more rewarding experience, feel the subtle energies at work throughout your system and be open to learn and heal from the experiences.

A typical session

Begins with an introduction to the rebirthing technique, safety briefing, getting to know each other and an intake of up to half an hour where you can express where your at in life and share some of your background.

Then the conscious connected breathing cycle will be demonstrated and practiced together until you become comfortable with it.

The main part of the session or journey will involve the rebirthee breathing consciously and I hold space in this time in whatever way is necessary so that you can flow deeper into your process.

Sessions can be quite dynamic but also sometimes very subtle in nature.  It is best to go in without expectations and see what comes up in the session.


Towards the closing stages of the session there will be a period of transformation quite often as when the caterpillar enters the cocoon stage, in this time normally you will be asked to turn into a fetal position as in yoga and covered with a blanket.  In this time you will not be disturbed.

Emerging from this stage to the butterfly transforming those energies that came up to be released.

We spend some time together to integrate the energies and perhaps share some insights from the experience.

The days after can be also an integration time so it’s recommended to take it easy and exercise self observation of what comes up, perhaps journal, very useful if you are coming back for a series of sessions.

Multiple sessions

To get the most of the benefits of Rebirthing especially when working with deep seated traumas, it is recommended to attend a series of private sessions over a long period of time allowing integration time between each session, for example 10 – 20 sessions, which could be taken monthly or every couple of months.

Contacting Paolo

If you have unanswered questions or would like to make a booking there are a number of ways that you can contact me. With the mobile phone, I do not use voicemail and often do not carry this device close to my body due to health concerns; so a simple sms is best.  E’mail and facebook are effective ways to connect with me and arrange a booking.  Messaging me through wordpress, this will also be forwarded to my G’mail account.

Contact information:
Paolo da Floresta
Facebook page Rebirthing Scandinavia
This webpage Rebirthing Scandinavia
Tel: +31 620636650


Booking procedure

The procedure for booking is as follows, once you have decided that you like a session.  Contact me to arrange a suitable time for us both.  When we agree a time as a sign of commitment to attend the session a non refundable  50% advanced payment is required to secure the appointment.  I shall mail you my bank details for this.  This is because I travel to your town to do this work and there is an investment in travel expenses on my part prior to my arrival and it is most efficient that my schedule  is not disturbed by last moment cancellations.  It is also a sign of your commitment to the session and respect of my time and energy.  The 2nd 50% can be paid in cash on the day of the appointment.

You are also welcome to and it is greatly appreciated to pay 100% of the payment in advance, therefore we don’t need to deal with money on the day of the session and can concentrate solely on the therapy.

Until I have received the 50% advanced payment there is not confirmation of appointment.

Upon receipt of agreed money exchange and confirmation of date and time of appointment then the booking is confirmed.

Thank you for your understanding.

I ask for 48 hours notice of change of date or cancellation, for cancellations there is a 50% cancellation fee in this case and less than 48 hours before our appointment 100% cancellation fee.

 The prices of the sessions:

Update:  I no longer hold private sessions, the prices will be announced at each group event.

*bookings confirmed by a non refundable advance payment.

You can check where I will be giving workshops in the coming months on my events calendar

Rebirthing events calendar


About me

My name is Paolo, I have been working with Yoga, Massage and Reiki healing since 2004 which I studied with various teachers in Thailand and India.

In 2011 I became interested in rebirthing after reading a book about longevity and spiritual purification techniques using the elements entitled,  “breaking the death habit” by Leonard Orr who I later realised was the founder of Rebirthing in the west.

I completed the month long training as a Professional Rebirther with the founder of Rebirthing International Leonard Orr in El Molino, Spain in August 2012.


Since then I have been giving sessions privately one on one with clients in Asia, Italy, Belgium, Holland & Scandinavia. I mostly prefer working personal and 1-on-1 working with your issues but I also hold small group sessions.





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