Warm water Rebirthing sessions


Water Rebirthing

Once a person has been through 5 dry rebirthing sessions, passed through the tetany stage and they have a good understanding of the conscious connected breathing rhythm they may feel ready to move onto water re-birthing sessions.  This is a completely different experience and to get the most out of it, it is advisable to first do several sessions laying on a mattress in a relaxed safe environment.

Sessions in the water are usually more intense than the dry sessions because water is an additional source of prana and often makes deep memories come to the surface.  Warm water re-birthing has a tendency to regress people to birth memories and prenatal states of consciousness and cold water re-birthing has a tendency to get people in touch with places where they are holding tension or pain, it can also help them heal the death urge and experiences related to death.  Cold water sessions only require the water to be below body temperature.


The treatments can be given in hot tub’s, swimming pool’s, the sea and lake’s in the summer months.  Either with the face completely submerged breathing through the mouth using a snorkel, simulating the womb and being fed through the umbilical cord, this time being the snorkel. Another method is with the rebirthee laying in the water on their back being cradled and supported by the rebirther, the later stages of the session the rebirthee is normally held in fetal position lovingly supported by the rebirther.  Then time is given in a warm and dry environment to integrate the process.


Warm water Rebirthings can be arranged with me after a number of dry sessions or when we both feel you are ready for the experience.  For some people the wet experience is more suited than others and for others it takes time to overcome fears in a safer environment.



Prior to the Rebirthing sessions it is advisable to get adequate rest the night before, consume no cannabis or other recreational drugs within a week prior to the sessions and treat the session as you would a sacred ritual or other healing therapy.  Give yourself enough space and quiet time both before and after the session and not to go rushing immediately off to your next appointment.
Following these guidelines you are much more likely to have a deeper more rewarding experience, feel the subtle energies at work throughout your system and be open to learn and heal from the experiences.


Whilst one session is very valuable and you can process a lot, in many cases it can be of great benefit and is preferable to release stored up traumas by doing a series of sessions over a period of a year for example (suggestion once every 4 – 6 weeks).

The prices of the sessions:

Update:  I no longer hold private sessions, the prices will be announced at each group event.

*bookings confirmed by a non refundable advance payment.

On occasions I will hold Water Sessions exclusively when I have access to a hygenic hot water souce for a few days at a time.  In those cases the following prices apply.

Warm water Re-birthing session (2 hours) €120

If you have a hot water venue that fits these specifications 36 – 39 degrees celsius and would like me to come and hold private sessions there over a few days, please get in contact.



I am often in Scandinavia giving workshops and from time to time have access to warm water locations for sessions.

This will be announced on my facebook page Rebirthing Scandinavia , if you’d like to stay updated with where I am and the various workshops i offer it’s best to like the page or subscribe to the events on the left side of the page.
Warm water Re-birthing sessions can be arranged in various locations where I have access to bath tub’s, hot tub’s and swimming pools.  If you’d like to co-organise with me please mail me.


Contact information:
Paolo da Floresta

Website Rebirthing Scandinavia

Facebook page Rebirthing Scandinavia

E’mail: paolodafloresta@gmail.com



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