Sacred Breath Sessions

Sacred Breath Sessions

by    Paolo da Floresta


Sacred Breath sessions are based on the work I have previously done with Rebirthing breathwork as learned from the master in this field Leonard Orr and combined with my exploration and experience with Trauma release exercises, Cranio-sacral therapy, Reiki healing touch and Pranayama.

It is a flowing non aggressive way to work with the breath and the body. Moving pranic energy through the body the process can often  energize, relax, release emotional blockages and memories of past important life events can also surface on such a deep journey.

Is it a trance? No, it is preferred to stay present and focused on the breathing throughout the journey but if the breathing induces a spacey altered state of consciousness it is also quite fine to flow with it in a natural way and see what it brings.


The work is best done without expectations and in a state of openness to what may come…. in that way we let go of the control and surrender to the gifts brought from consciously connecting the breathing cycles.

This work is based on breathing and movement of the breath so it may bring up to the surface stagnant energies which no longer serve our well-being, I encourage you to breath through these as they come and if they naturally arouse the body into genuine movement or expression of emotions verbally or non verbally it is welcome, this is preferred naturally rather than controlling the movement and overly vocalizing from the mind.

The breath is in two parts, masculine and feminine, active and passive, inhale and exhale, merging into a oneness. This process can be truly beautiful when dived into.


I am there throughout these sessions for safety, a helping hand and smiling familiar face. I will prepare you, guide you in gently and softly land you back on your feet on completion.

This work is circular like the breath, there is a beginning, continuation and completion.

After there will be an integration period the days and sometimes weeks after a deep session in which it is recommended to nurture yourself, be mindful or your daily interactions and journal anything that comes up in daily life.


After your first experience with Sacred Breath, if you find it resonates, you are welcome and it can be good to do more sessions with perhaps a couple of months between each experience, especially if something is moving energetically, physically, emotionally or mentally either consciously or sub-consciously from the breathwork.

Can you do this kind of sessions alone in your home? I would suggest you to trust your intuition with such things, many people prefer a safe held space with an experienced facilitator and there are others who are very independent and often feel comfortable to work alone with their personal healing. I would say that the most important thing is that you feel safe, if something traumatic is awakened or if you become ungrounded, so take care!


I present this work currently in three forms, private one on one sessions in which we often have a intake at the beginning to discuss where your at in life, these can be done as dry sessions and as warm water sessions, normally in a heated pool, the sea or a hot tub and I also hold group workshops in which you may find strength and support in such a circle and common themes might arise within this environment. Both are beautiful, if you are more introverted a private session may suit you better but on the other hand, it can be good and healthy to face your fears in a safe environment that is created.


Remember the breath is sacred and the body is our holy temple of the soul-of-man, so take the time to read my writings on preparation for a session and give yourself time and space both before and after the session for a smoother journey.

If this resonates with you, your almost ready, feel welcome to contact me and maybe we shall journey on a magic carpet ride soon……

My name is Paolo and I have been studying and practicing healing arts since 2002, amongst my influences are Rebirthing, Yoga, Reiki, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Reflexology, Freediving and Aquatic bodywork.

My main aim in life is to embody health and wellness and to inspire as many people as possible to shine their true light on our world.


Read more and find my contact details here:

Website: Rebirthing Scandinavia

Facebook:  Paolo Da Floresta

Facebook: Rebirthing Scandinavia


 The prices of the sessions:

Update:  I no longer hold private sessions, the prices will be announced at each group event.

*bookings confirmed by a non refundable advance payment.

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