Sacred Breath Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Breath Cacao Ceremony

Sacred Breath is a beautiful union of Rebirthing sacred breathwork and opening with the Spirit of Earth medicine Cacao. Journeying deeply into the inner sanctum of the heart, aligning our higher self with our earthly body and instincts we come together as one tribe and meet in the heart space.


This journey of discovery leads us potentially into a deep rite of passage into the mystical world of healing, retrieving lost parts of ourselves and connecting with power animal spirit guides, so that we may carry their wisdom forth into this waking world. We open up to work with the subtle energy body where we can free up blockages in our flow of prana, emotional body where we can release suppressed emotions or long held traumas, mental body where thoughts fuse into matter and physical body where ailments can potentially be resolved. Working with the subtle bodies one can open portals to other realms of reality where our ancestors can speak to us through the elements.

This inner work will be gently guided by the medicine of Ceremonial Cacao in a very sacred manner to open us up and take us out of the thinking mind, journeying with sound to connect with our guides and deepening into our centres with a non aggressive breathing technique, coming home…….

Cacao was used by the ancient Mayan tribe as a facilitator to vision quest to their inner guide. The Cacao elixir acts as a spiritual guide to gently guide those to re-connect with lost parts of yourself. The Cacao spirit will move through you and release any blockages held within the body, opening up the heart chakra for the Union of self. We work with very high quality ceremonial cacao from the jungles of Central America.


Sacred Breath is a flowing non aggressive way to work with the breath and the body. Moving pranic energy through the body the process can often  energize, relax, release emotional blockages and memories of past important life events can also surface on such a deep journey. The breath is in two parts, masculine and feminine, active and passive, inhale and exhale, merging into a oneness. This process can be truly a wonderful experience harmonising the polarity of yin yang energies into sacred union.


The deep journey will be safely and lovingly facilitated and guided by  Paolo da Floresta.


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